US tariff exemption for aluminum products in Canada and Mexico

The aluminium industry associations of the United States, Canada and Mexico urged their governments to reach an agreement on Monday to eliminate U.S. import tariffs on aluminium products from Canada and Mexico, while not imposing import quotas on aluminium products from both countries.
The American Aluminum Association, Mexican IMEDAL and Canadian Aluminum Association said that before the leaders of the three countries signed the new US-Mexican Agreement (USMCA) on November 30, the 10% tariff levied by the United States on national security grounds under Article 232 should grant a full and quota-free exemption for products produced in North America.
"Without exemptions from tariffs or quotas related to Article 232 of Canada and Mexico, the Mexican-American Agreement will not benefit the aluminium industry or many of our downstream customers," the association wrote to President Trump of the United States, Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada, President Penia of Mexico and President-designate Ovlado of Mexico. It is called.
The Aluminium Industry Association said it was pleased to see the United States take action to crack down on illegal subsidized imports of aluminium from China through a new anti-dumping investigation, while Canada also took measures to crack down on the transshipment of dumped aluminium products, while Mexico launched an anti-dumping investigation into imported aluminium foil from China.

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